The Fragrance and Beauty Company

The Fragrance & Beauty Company BV is a company specialized in high-end beauty products, such as perfume, skin care, hair care and cosmetics, with more than 30 years of experience!


Due to the growth of The Fragrance & Beauty Company BV, the company purchased extra office space. The new annex had to be renovated. The building is equipped with insulated and tinted glass to prevent heat. The company wanted to use as few electrical lights as possible as they increase the temperature in the workplace.


The Warehouse Manager Quint Sanders opted for the sustainable Solatube daylight system. Daylight provides extra light and counteracts temperature differences due to the systems good insulation properties. Daylight also increases the employees concentration and productivity. The Solatubes at The Fragrance & Beauty Company BV are equipped with TechLED. When daylight is less effective, TechLED automatically supplements the daylight with energy-efficient LED lighting.

Customer comments

Every workplace has daylight. I was skeptical, but the office staff experienced it as beautiful light, which feels natural and works well. I'm glad I made this choice. The TechLED also shines perfectly automatically. The big advantage is that the LEDs and Solatube do not emit heat.

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