Cradle to Cradle Product Recycle Service

Energy resources are becoming increasingly scarce and therefore more expensive. The growing need for renewable energy combined with the necessity to improve the indoor living or working environment requires a resourceful solution such as the provision of natural daylight.

The Powerdaylight ‘Cradle’ daylight system is the only daylight tube in the world with the Cradle to Cradle (C2C) certificate (see for more information). The certificate guarantees that the production process has no impact on the environment.

At Powerdaylight we are aware of the potential of reusing materials. It is therefore a conscious choice not to use plastic in the Cradle version. The materials used, such as glass, are 100% recyclable and sustainable.

One of the five sustainability performance categories assessed for the C2C certification of a product is ‘circularity’. Circular products are those that operate within the circular economy model i.e. those products that have reduced or completely no need for virgin resources and are designed with the end of their life in mind.

When a Powerdaylight ‘Cradle’ product has reached the end of its serviceable life, we offer a recycle service, whereby upon completion of the recycle service request form, we will arrange to collect the product material from you free of charge to be recycled for re-use.


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