The new way to control daylight

Solatube® introduces a new way of controlling daylight with a daylight dimmer which is entirely solar powered making installation easy without the need for any electrical works. The Solatube® solar powered daylight dimmer is an aesthetically pleasing and sustainable option as daylight is all you need!

Full control for the perfect light level with a Solatube® daylight dimmer
The new solar powered daylight dimmer consists of a remote-controlled butterfly valve that opens and closes at the touch of a button. This allows you to adjust the level of daylight in the room from bright to dark, and everything in between. Not sure whether you want daylight in your bedroom or living room all day long? Now there is the option to take a nap or watch a movie in the dark with the use of the new daylight dimmer.
The Solatube® daylight dimmer darkens any room by up to 98 percent and can be continuously adjusted.

Solatube® daylight dimmers operates automatically
Unlike the manual dimmer option, the solar powered daylight dimmer makes life easy as you will never need to reach for a stepladder again to dim your Solatube® daylight system. In fact, the solar powered daylight dimmer can be set to operate automatically. The dimmer is equipped with a sensor which when activated will automatically close the daylight dimmer when it gets dark outside.

Excellent for use in the bedroom, living room or media room / game room for example.

Product features:
-  Available for the 25 cm and 35 cm diameter Solatube® systems
-  Supplied with its own dedicated solar panel
-  Wireless system for easy installation and operation
-  Comes complete with a one touch remote control that can operate up to 10 dimmers
-  Can also be retrofitted into existing Solatube daylight systems

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