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How daylight makes the infrastructure safe

The organization of the infrastructure, and in particular traffic infrastructure, is mostly in the hands of the government. The responsibility for the safe organization of traffic and transport in our country is one of the tasks they are engaged in. Daylight is one of the factors that can create a safe living environment for humans and animals. Everything that has a roof (such as stations and airports) and everything that covers the road (such as an overpass, ecoduct or tunnel ) needs daylight.

Daylight makes the world a safe place and this is also the case in terms of infrastructure. Daylight gives structure and a different experience to the built environment that also involves safety. The Solatube daylight tube can be used in new or existing infrastructure projects. Solatube can be installed regardless of the construction, roof type or roof material and can even be installed down through the ground. Solatube systems are designed to be maintenance-free.

Daylight underground
Providing daylight underground is possible with Solatube. The daylight is transported through an adapted insulated reflective tube down through the ground. With this system, bicycle tunnels, ecoducts and fauna passages can easily be provided with daylight. Being able to see in tunnels is just as important for animals as it is for people.

Livable and healthy
By illuminating both above and underground spaces with Solatube, you ensure that they become a healthy and livable site. The daylight is diffused into the room, without UV radiation or heat gain. Animals are more likely to cross when they can see where they are going and people appreciate the safe environment, which is what the government is striving for. Unused, unhealthy and dark spaces should be a thing of the past.

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