Lindepluim in Lettele

Lindepluim in Lettele had two new, modern chicken houses built for free-range chickens.


The houses must be arranged in such a way that with an outside daylight illuminance of 1200 lux, only 20 lux of daylight is provided indoors. In addition, the house must also be able to be darkened.


Based on a calculated light plan, 14 Solatube daylight systems were installed per house. The systems provide an average of 20 lux daylight throughout the house. A dark period can be created at any time by sliding blanking covers over the systems. The Solatube system achieves high thermal insulation values ​​and savings on energy bills for artificial lighting.

Customer comments

Our new chicken houses have been approved by various authorities. The abundance of daylight that comes in through the Solatubes contributes to the health and well-being of our chicks.

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