Pig stable Echten in Gassel

Pig farmer Achten from Gassel had a new stable built for his pigs. The building was designed according to the current requirement with regard to working conditions and a good living environment for breeding sows.


The owner wanted the new shed to meet the requirements of the "Sustainable Livestock Farming" (MDV). Thanks to its measures, an MDV house contributes to animal health, animal welfare and making livestock farming more sustainable. In addition, the measures promote corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the agricultural sector. To achieve the required points for the MDV, sufficient daylight entry into the barn is one of the requirements.

Direct sunlight through vertical windows was out of the question, due to solar heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. As a result, the indoor climate of the stable is disrupted, which causes great turmoil to the pigs.


Solatube was chosen, as with this system the daylight is indirectly brought into the barn through reflective tubes and diffused across the shed. Also, Solatube daylight systems have good thermal properties, which ensures that the indoor climate remains optimal for the pigs. This means there is no risk of heat stress, which is important to maintain peace in the stables. In addition, the working conditions for the staff has improved. Due to, among other things, the adjustment of daylight entry, the stable receives the DMV certificate, whereby the farmer can participate in the MIA and Vamil tax schemes.

Customer comments

It is nice to be in the sunlight all day and I want our breeding sows to lack nothing. The five weeks in this delivery room must be as pleasant as possible for the sows. For example, we have invested in climate control so that the sows and piglets are in a pleasant living environment. As a farmer, I feel more comfortable in this stable than in the other room without Solatubes. This is a house to be proud of.

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