Pig stable in Leunen

The stables of Maatschap van Kempen are located in Leunen. The company is affiliated with "The Pig of Tomorrow". This initiative focuses on the three themes of animal welfare, the environment, and people and health.


The minimum requirement of 2% daylight area set by Maatlat Duurzame Veehouderij was already achieved by a window strip. For the employees and the animals it is more pleasant to have more and more natural light in the departments. Translucent panels were not an option, as they eventually turn green and therefore allow less light to pass through.


Several Solatube Ø 53 cm systems have been placed in the stables. During the day, artificial light is no longer needed and Van Kempen saves on its energy bill. By making use of the composite roof panels, the systems fit perfectly with the roof and any potential for leaks is prevented. Due to the special coating on the dome, the Solatube daylight systems require no maintenance.

Customer comments

In the departments with the Solatubes it is more pleasant for the animals and the people who work there. Only in the winter are the sows still checked in the morning with the fluorescent lighting on. The rest of the day with us the TL's and there is plenty of light through the Solatubes. The Solatubes provide pleasantly diffused light.

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