Sheepfold Edese Heide

A traditional style sheepfold has been built on the Edese Heide. Environmental friendliness, hygiene and animal welfare are of paramount importance to the Edese Schaapskudden foundation and its shepherds.


Daylight is important for sheep. Especially in the winter when the sheep are indoors all day, the entry of daylight is indispensable. However, the sheepfold has traditional, small windows. As a result, too little daylight comes in for optimum living comfort for the animals and a healthy working environment for the herders.


Five Solatube Ø 35 cm daylight systems ensure that sufficient daylight enters the sheepfold. This sustainable solution ensures that artificial lighting can stay off during the day. The small Solatube skylights on the roof are hardly noticeable so that the distinctive character of the sheepfold is retained.

Customer comments

Thanks to the Solatubes, space is illuminated in an environmentally friendly way. The artificial lighting does not have to come on as often. I notice that the daylight is pleasant for the sheep and for me to work in.

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