Stallion station de Nieuwe Heuvel

The Nieuwe Heuvel in Lunteren expanded the equestrian centre and stallion farm in 2013 with an EU station. By complying with the latest requirements for EU certification, sperm from all stallions can now be frozen and sent all over the world.


One of the requirements of the EU certification is that contact with the outside world must be avoided to prevent diseases. By placing large windows around the courtyard, visitors now have the opportunity to view the stallions. To have sufficient daylight in the stables, a street light was initially provided. In combination with the glass wall, however, this would create sparkle; both unpleasant for the horses and the visitors.


18 Solatube daylight systems have been installed in the stables that disperse diffused daylight. The Solatubes are combined with a lighting fixture, so that light comes from the same system both during the day and in the evening. Due to the high insulation values ​​of the Solatube system, the thermal envelope of the building is retained keeping the stables warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Customer comments

The result is great. The Solatubes are neatly finished and give a very light result. Also in the evening it looks nice because of the combination with the lamps.

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