Stud farm Zandvliet

Horses that perform at an international level deserve the best light available in the stable, so why not natural daylight? Zandvliet Stud Farm has established its stables in a beautiful building, with rooms for staff above it. There has been a wish for some time to get daylight into the stables, but until recently this was considered impossible.


There are several apartments above the stables. These must remain habitable, but the daylight must be transported down through them. It is therefore a challenge to position the Solatubes in such a way that the daylight reaches the desired location in the stables without obstructing the apartments above.


The 6 Solatubes Ø 53 cm have been positioned correctly using a precise lighting plan. In the apartment they are nicely concealed using a conversion. In the stable they perfectly enter the aisle, just in front of the stables. In this way the horses benefit optimally from the daylight.

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