Haga Hospital

The Haga Hospital is constantly thinking about the future; aspiring to create a transparent hospital where employees and patients feel at home. By focusing on care and patient-friendliness, people are considered paramount, which creates better care and a healthy environment.


When renewing the heart department in the hospital, we looked at what could be done about the care environment for patients and staff. It had to become lighter and more colourful, as well as more homely. Moreover, the workstation of the staff is at the centre of the department, where there are no direct windows.

The joint seating area has been addressed. Space has been given a homely feel by replacing old furniture. This central place is very important because it makes a positive contribution to patients and their healing process


In addition, the decision was made to create extra daylight in the department with Solatube daylight systems. After all, a natural environment has a vitalizing and calming effect on the patient as well as on the staff.

The insulating effect is another positive feature of the daylight system. This is a big plus for the climate control and energy efficiency of this department. A good indoor climate in hospitals can prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Customer comments

We notice that people like to stay in the living room. The extra addition of daylight is experienced as positive, also by the staff.

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