Residential care center de Volckaert


With a gym, theatre, hotel, shops and almost eighty spacious care apartments, De Volckaert is the model of elderly care in the 21st century. Both residents and non-residents can make use of the countless facilities, from playing sports to enjoying a theatre performance.


The fitness room and a connecting corridor were provided with a green roof by architect Oomen (Breda) and contractor Heijmans Bouw. To maintain the energy gain, the most efficient form of daylight entry was sought. The Solatube turned out to be the perfect solution to provide the fitness room and the corridor with natural daylight without affecting the indoor climate. This is due to the extremely favorable ratio between diameter and length with a reflection value of 99.7%.

Customer comments

The Solatube systems are very beautiful. You can hardly imagine that in that part of the building you walk under a thick layer of ground, that's how light it is.

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