Ter Urselinen rest and care home

Daylight in healthcare is of enormous importance for employees, visitors and residents. For example, older people need more light than younger people. This has to do with the fact that the visual capacity decreases as people get older. A lot of daylight is indispensable, as, to a greater extent than in adults, it is related to the biological clock of the elderly. Daylight has also been considered in the Ter Urselinen retirement home in Brussels.
 The Ter Urselinen rest home in Brussels has been around for more than two hundred years. The nursing home is in the hands of the CPAS of Brussels. The idea to make a retirement home of this large building came from Napoleon in 1805. He gave the building to the city. The building currently homes 120 elderly people and there are 80 employees.


The demand for more daylight entry comes from the director of the retirement home. Director A. Kenis: "It is a classified building that is protected by the city of Brussels. It is being renovated into a modern and contemporary retirement home. As it concerns the healthcare sector, there is a minimum requirement of daylight provision per room. 


Director A. Kenis:'' To bring in as much daylight as possible with as few modifications as possible, Solatube was chosen. This has happened, taking into account the fact that it is a protected building with a French roof made of zinc. The appearance of the building was important to preserve. This could be achieved through Solatube! 

Customer comments

The daylight is very pleasant, and it certainly doesn't look too cold. The daylight is diffused throughout the room without being blinding and yet it feels soft and cozy. In our next renovation work, rooms will also be provided with Solatubes where necessary!

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