Fire station Emmen

Since September 2012, the Emmen fire brigade has been housed in a new fire station on the Nijbracht. From this location the fire brigade is on its way to call-outs faster.


When building the barracks, the appearance of the building had to be taken into account. This had to match the character of the organization; tough, robust, sympathetic and transparent. In addition, the architect aimed for a sustainable GPR score of 8.


The most important point is the sustainability of the building. This means limiting energy loss by applying a high insulation value for the roof and facade. Because the facade consists of concrete, it has a particularly high accumulating capacity. To provide the indoor spaces with daylight, it was decided to build in various Solatubes. Moreover, the Solatube is well insulated, so there is virtually no energy loss to the outside and it blocks the outside temperature and noise.

Customer comments

The barracks have a dark corridor, the bedrooms of the firemen adjoin this. Solatubes have been built in to lighten this corridor. The daylight yield is a relief during the day.

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