Heerenland College

The Heerenland College was built in 2010 to accommodate more than 250 pupils of VMBO. There is a pleasant atmosphere inside the building because there is a lot of daylight.


The school building had to be provided with sufficient daylight. This has been maintained throughout the building by using a lot of glass. However, this was a different story in the gym, because daylight entry had to meet different requirements.


6 Solatubes were installed in the sports hall to transport sufficient daylight inside without glare from the sun. The daylight system therefore complies with all standards and requirements set by the NOC * NSF with regard to daylight entry in gymnasiums.

Customer comments

There is a very pleasant atmosphere inside the Heerenland College building. There is daylight everywhere, this is also much more pleasing to the eyes than artificial light. Even in dark days it is light inside. You can also find everything in the gym without first having to turn on the light.

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