Practice School De Brug

The new, compact school building of De Brug practical school is located in Zaltbommel. In the special design by architectural firm Schaap en Sturm, the auditorium is situated in the central core, which is surrounded by the theory and practical classrooms in which lessons are given in green maintenance, wood and metalworking, catering and care.


Schaap en Sturm has explored various options for the entry of daylight into this centrally located space. As skylights and domes did not meet the strict requirements of BENG and because people had other plans for the roof surface, the architects quickly came to Techcomlight.


Techcomlight has completely reconstructed the school building in 3D for the lighting plan of De Brug. ‘In this way we could show what the daylight yield would be in every part of the auditorium if you were to use a certain amount of tubes. Together with the architect, we adjusted the positions and dimensions of the tubes and arrived at the application of 22 Solatubes with a diameter of 35 centimetres. With these daylight tubes, users of the auditorium are assured of sufficient daylight and the investment is guaranteed.

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