Parking garage park 20 | 20 Haarlemmermeer, the Netherlands

Park 20 | 20 in the Haarlemmermeer, near Amsterdam, is the world's first fully operating Cradle to Cradle working environment. The project was developed by Delta Development Group, VolkerWessels and Reggeborgh Groep. The park is built on a half-sunken parking garage of approximately 40,000 m². In addition, the park is provided with a Breeam certificate.


The construction materials used had to be as environmentally friendly as possible, have a long service life and recyclable for reuse. To reduce the energy requirement, daylight was required within the parking garage, however the ability to be able to walk on the daylight systems was required due to the various platforms and gardens on top of the parking garage.


Various daylight tubes were used and fitted with a low profile Deplosun glass daylight collector which meant that the systems could be walked over. The Deplosun materials are provided with a Cradle to Cradle certificate and the daylight ensured that the required daylight points could be entered for the Breeam certificate.

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