Van den Haak TransMission

Transport company Van den Haak is part of TransMission, a joint venture of independent transport and distribution companies in the Netherlands and Belgium. The warehouse of the transport company is located in Geldermalsen.


This project looked for an energy-efficient way to provide the building with light. The companies first choice was to use street lights, however a coating which was applied to the lights to reduce the amount of heat the lights added to the building also reduced the light output resulting in insufficient lighting in some areas.


14 Solatubes Ø 53 cm systems (warehouse variant for open ceiling) were installed between the electrical lights above the loading and unloading depot. Due to the height of the ceiling, the Prismatic ceiling diffuser was chosen which projects the daylight down to the work floor.

Customer comments

By supplementing the Solatubes, we have achieved our energy-saving goal and are not affected by heat entry.

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