Van Duuren Districenters

Van Duuren Districenters is a Pan-European logistics service provider. The company has a large network in 39 countries. Van Duuren also has its warehouse in Vianen, which is used for both short term (less than 48 hours) and long term storage.


The electrical lighting was outdated in the three warehouses used by Van Duuren, which led to high energy consumption costs and a poor working environment. Upon the renewal of the electrical lighting fixtures, the energy costs were reduced, but the working environment still required improvement.


39 Solatube daylight systems were installed into the warehouses, which combined cover 7000 m2. The Solatubes provide a constant light supply to the central work floors and a combination of light and motion sensors are integrated for optimum energy saving.

Customer comments

With the daylight coming through the Solatubes, it is now much more pleasant in the shed. You notice the natural changes in daylight. Even if the lights are on during a dark day, the staff will experience that it is more pleasant to work.

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