Fort Kijkuit

The 19th century Fort Kijkuit, part of the New Dutch Water Line, was restored and extended with a requirement for daylighting into the restaurant area. J. Boonzaaijer Aannemingsbedrijf BV carried out the work on behalf of the Natuurmonumenten foundation.


How to provide daylight into a fort with a 1.9 metre thick roof; that brings with it the associated problems. For example, a distance of 1.9 metres must be bridged from the roof down to the ceiling and the building has monumental value and that should not be affected.


Solatube tubular daylighting system where the solution in this case. The systems pipe daylight to exactly where it is needed and the value of the monument remains intact. A total of 6 Solatubes were installed and now the newly created workplaces in the fort, which were previously shrouded in darkness, now get sufficient daylight.


The Solatubes are installed down through the 1.9-metre thick roof of the fort, which is covered with earth and sand.The Solatubes provide a very effective, inobtrusive daylight solution.

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