De Groote Voort farm

De Groote Voort farm built a new warehouse for the ripening of its Remeker cheeses.


To be able to work properly in the storage room, there must be sufficient light. A sustainable and environmentally friendly lighting solution was sought that would last a long time and require little maintenance.

The installation space available for daylight systems was limited by the pipes of the climate control system. The thermal insulation values ​​of the warehouse had to be maintained and the daylight systems had to be able to withstand high humidity.


We opted for 15 low-maintenance Solatube Ø 35 cm ECO daylight systems. The roof penetrations are made of lead because this is a natural material.

The Solatubes take up little space and ensure optimum daylight output. The use of artificial light is not necessary during the day.

Thanks to the excellent product insulation properties, the building's insulation values are retained. Due to the high humidity, airtight gaskets have been used.

Customer comments

We think in everything from natural sustainability. For example, we think the welfare of the cow is very important. And what does the cheese want? In my opinion, our cheese develops well in daylight. In addition, it is also pleasant to work in and it looks nice. The picture is correct and in my opinion Solatube therefore contributes to the quality of Remeker.

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