BMW Motor Houtrust

BMW Motor Houtrust moved in January 2013 and now has a new, fresh, transparent and efficient building with a spacious workshop that is fully visible to customers, due to the use of a lot of glass.

The architect started from the “Trias Energetica” in the construction of the building. This is a three-step plan to create an energy-efficient design. Good insulation, correct light incidence and efficiency are central to this.


Colours look very different indoors than they do outdoors in daylight. To keep this difference as small as possible, the owner wanted to bring in daylight. It was important that this would be done in the most environmentally friendly way. This was done under the motto “you don't have to save what you don't use”.


In addition to the glass walls (of which 1 has sun protection glass), 9 Solatubes® were also installed. In this way, 'spots' are created in the showroom where the light is most natural.

Customer speaks

We chose Solatube ® precisely because the light that the tube emits ensures better colour rendering. This is especially important in this industry. For that reason there is also solar control glass on the south side and normal glass on the north side of the building. ”

Mr. C. Esser

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