Cluistra Trailers

Cluistra has been the company for buying, renting and leasing for forty years, but also for repairing and maintaining trailers and aerial work platforms. The company operates from an extensive location in Veenendaal.


The owner of Cluistra Trailers was looking for an energy-efficient lighting solution with a focus on energy saving for his showroom, storage and workshop.


There was no single supply of daylight in the showroom, therefore Cluistra was dependent on artificial lighting.  Energy was being wasted in the showroom which was lit all day long even when there were no occupants in the room. Motion detectors were fitted as a solution, however the disadvantages of this were that the lights had to switch on / off a lot and it was always dark when entering your room. 20 Nr 53 cm Ø Powerdaylight systems were installed which solved all of these issues.

Unlike the showroom, the storage area of the company has a huge glass façade that provides daylight. However, there was still a need for extra daylight in the middle of the room where the light from the glazing faded. The installation of twelve tubes 53 cm Ø Powerdaylight systems in the middle of the storage area, in combination with the façade windows, ensures an even daylight distribution.  

There was also a need for more daylight in the workshop. As with the other two areas, this was the case with a view to saving energy, but in this room also specifically with regard to employee health. Four 53 cm Ø systems now provide an inviting and healthy place to work.


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