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Project development Fintro Office in Wervik Fintro has approximately 300 independent bank & insurance offices. The office in Wervik renovated an old commercial building into a new, modern office. The new building is narrow and deep, the terrace and garden were completely taken over and provided with a 'flat' roof. Dirk Delva, director of the branch, talks about the issue and about his solution.


The client and the architect wanted natural light, not just artificial light. A courtyard garden was provided, but it remained too dark. Ordinary domes in the roof or windows were not allowed. It is a bank branch, the regulations imposed by the bank do not allow this. The bank's architect accepted Solatubes fitted with burglar-resistant security bars. 


8 Solatubes were provided, four large Ø 53 cm and four small Ø 35 cm, the 4 large Solatubes were installed above workplaces in the office. Eight "drums" were made to provide the right openings in the right places when the concrete vault was cast. The Solatube domes were installed together with the insulation and the roof covering. Even then we saw that something beautiful was being made. The owner, architects and "workmen" looked with amazement at the abundance of light that had already entered the areas. The owner opted for the TechLED in the domes. A sensor switches on the lamps automatically when it gets dark, this way a constant light intensity remains in the office. The new office was opened on December 1, 2016. Everyone who works or stays there is extremely satisfied with the 'light comfort' that the Solatube systems provide.

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