Bed & Breakfast 'De Libellen van Waaroost'

Marianne Van Gheluwe and Peter Labens transformed the charming country house de Waaroost in Waardamme into the stylish Bed & Breakfast 'De Libellen van Waaroost'. The rooms were equipped with modern comfort, without influencing the well-known rich country style of architect Quackelbeen. You can enjoy the peace and there are various wellness packages for the underground hammam.


Daylight is very important for human well-being and therefore indispensable for a hammam. However, this Bed & Breakfast has an underground space, which means that daylight entry is not a matter of course.


Because the Solatube ECO variant is very well insulated, the heat within the wellness centre is retained and not lost. Daylight can enter the underground hammam unhindered through the Solatube systems, with special cellar transit, without curious eyes being able to see in.

Customer comments

The daylight below the ground creates a unique play of light with the fog and warm steam in the hammam. In the evenings, low-energy light bulbs ensure that the Solatubes turn into contemporary light fixtures, thereby ensuring both indoor and outdoor lighting and a pleasant effect, without disturbing their surroundings.

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