Holiday home Dopersduin

The Dopersduin holiday home in Schoorl was built in the 1930s. The house is an inspiring environment for holidays, meetings and (school) groups. Dopersduin strives for environmentally conscious and sustainable business operations. This is also apparent from applications such as solar cells and geothermal heat. As a result, they have received the Green Key quality mark (an international quality mark for sustainable companies in the recreation and leisure industry).


The business operations of Dopersduin did not yet have a solution to reduce the energy consumption of the electrical lighting in the toilet areas of the dining room and meeting rooms. In the disabled, men's and ladies' toilets, the electrical lights were left switched on all day.


With the installation of six Solatube Ø 25 cm equipped with TechLED , the energy consumption is now as low as it can possibly be. The TechLED is set to the desired light level of 60 lux in combination with a motion detection sensor which with sufficient daylight results in a maximum consumption during the night of 7.5 W.

Customer comments

For years I have been impressed by the performance of the Solatube daylight system. With the introduction of the TechLED the system  was complete for me. The result is just as good as I expected.

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