Museum Pecci


The designer of the museum wanted to use the purest light source, the sun, but did not want to use traditional skylights that create light spots that move according to the angle of the sun and can be dazzling, therefore causing indifferent visual disturbances. 


The aim of the Dutch architect Maurice Nio who conceived the project was very clear: to make the Pecci Museum a cultural centre for modern and contemporary art on an international scale. The light designer Bernardo D'Ippolito was able to realize the vision of Nio by filtering the natural light from above with Solatubes that provide diffused daylight without changing the colour spectrum of natural light. 

78 Solatube Ø 35 cm systems were installed, providing the natural diffused light space. The use of Solatube ensures natural light without UV rays and blocks most infrared (IR) rays.

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