Rowing course Willem Alexander

The Willem Alexander rowing course is located in the “ Eendragtspolder ” water storage area as part of the Rottemeren recreation area. The rowing course has been designed in collaboration with FISA in such a way that the highest requirements for international rowing are met. The course contains all the facilities for the Olympic Games and was officially opened in early 2013 by King Willem Alexander.


When constructing the building, sufficient daylight was taken into account in all new build areas. The large boat shed had a lack of light due to the absence of windows and although this problem could be solved with artificial lighting, the energy consumption cost for running the lights would be considerable.


The decision was made to install Solatube daylight systems into the shed. This sustainable system has an insulating effect, resulting in a reduction of noise and energy costs, whilst providing natural daylight which not only improves the environment within the shed but promotes sporting performance.

Customer comments

The boatshed has become a beautiful large space due to the daylight supply. In this way the rowers can quickly and easily find their boat and remove it from the rack.

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