Passive school de Waterhoef

A small monumental monastery has been developed into the Brede School de Waterhoef in the village centre of Oisterwijk. This passive school has taken into account the guidelines for a sustainable and green school (a pilot project of the Asthma Fund and the GGD).


The biggest challenge of the assignment was to not let the bulky new building drown out the characteristic monastery. This has been solved by designing several small-scale buildings with classrooms the same length as the height of the existing monastery. In addition, the following design criteria had to be achieved;
- Realizing a healthy indoor climate;
- Sustainable building;
- Sustainability in the partners; education program.


Naturally, daylight entry could not be missed when realizing the aforementioned criteria. The choice was made for a total of 26 Nr Ø 35 cm Solatubes of which 12 Nr were installed into a flat roof and 14Nr into a tiled roof. This way of lighting is not only energy-efficient, but daylight is also proven to improve students levels of concentration.

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