Even more revenue from your roof!

Solar energy is popular

Generating solar energy through solar panels is increasingly popular these days. Maybe you already have solar panels on your roof or you are thinking about installing a solar water heater. Even with such a congested roof, the installation of a Solatube daylight system remains possible.

Solatube® takes up almost no space

The Solatube daylight dome that harvests daylight can be installed virtually anywhere on your roof. Due to the small diameter, the domes take up hardly any space, therefore you can make optimal use of your roof surface for solar energy. Solatube® daylight systems are also very low maintenance, which is important if the daylight domes can only be installed in hard-to-reach places, for example between your solar panels.

 Solatube®: 'energy provider'

Solatube® daylight systems actually provide you with energy. Your cortisol level responds positively to the blue light colour that a Solatube® system provides, increasing our alertness and concentration capacity. Cortisol, known as a stress hormone, also helps to restore the energy we lose due to stress.

 Daylight expertise under one roof

Do you have questions about daylight in the broadest sense of the word? Then you have come to the right place at daylight professional Techcomlight ! We provide daylight advice remotely and on location and we make daylight designs and calculations of, for example, the daylight factor. In addition to providing daylight advice, we focus on importing, manufacturing, assembling, developing, distributing and installing daylight products in the Benelux and the United Kingdom. The sun is the ideal source of energy and has one big advantage: it does not run out.

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