Solatube partners with ClimateStudio

We are pleased to announce that Solatube is now working in partnership with Solemma’s flagship software - ClimateStudio. Integrating Solatube with ClimateStudio’s analysis tool means that design professionals can now quickly and easily simulate the performance of Solatube Tubular Daylighting Devices (TDDs) to capture, transfer and deliver controlled daylight to artfully illuminate nearly any interior space.

What is ClimateStudio?

ClimateStudio is the fastest and most accurate environmental performance analysis software for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector.
Its simulation helps designers and consultants optimise buildings for daylight access, lighting performance, energy efficiency, visual and thermal comfort and other measures of occupant health and wellbeing.

ClimateStudio + Solatube

With this partnership, architects, engineers and construction professionals are able to quickly evaluate and refine effective daylighting solutions that provide outstanding and ground-breaking annual daylighting performance for energy-savings and occupant health and wellbeing.

With ground-breaking speeds and automated reporting, you can go from zero to compliance with the click of a button.

This analysis tool is possible through the use of a customised version of Radiance, which is a validated reverse light ray tracing engine.

This partnership makes it possible to place Solatube TDDs in existing 3D architectural models and extract LEED Daylight Credit reports, which are submissible to the USGBC.

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