Your guests feel happier in natural daylight

Guests experience a higher sense of happiness in naturally lit hotel rooms or holiday homes. People go on holiday to get away from it all and relax. Natural light provides the ultimate in comfort. And as a result, guests are left with a positive feeling about their holiday accommodation.

Savings on energy costs
Solatube brings daylight into every hotel room, holiday home or chalet. During the day, artificial light is unnecessary and that results in enormous savings on energy bills. In addition, the use of natural light is sustainable. The environment is saved by using Solatubes in the recreation sector. At the same time, guests do not sacrifice anything in terms of quality and comfort.

Also for other facilities
A Solatube can be used in many ways. A daylight tube can be placed in holiday homes and hotel rooms, but also in swimming pools, saunas, health spas and restaurants. Because the Solatube diffuses the light into the room, guests are never blinded by sunlight. Another advantage: the daylight tube has excellent insulation values. As a result, the indoor climate always remains at the perfect temperature.

Your daylight issue
Do you have a problem with daylight or do you want to give your guests that little bit of extra comfort during their stay? Do you want to be that green entrepreneur? Take a look at Solatube's options or contact daylight professional Techcomlight.

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