Theme of the month: monuments

Bring in daylight with respect for the monument

If we look at (renovation) building plans for monumental buildings, there are a number of aspects that are taken into account. In general, these are the application and placement of the right materials and the degree of damage to the monumental value that comes with it. Renovations to a monument can also have an impact on the historical facade of the building which must  of course be avoided as much as possible. A monument may be modified as long as this is done with respect for the building. This also applies to the use of daylight; a much-discussed topic when it comes to monumental buildings.

Daylight, just like in any building, is indispensable. The only challenge is to find a solution that can be applied to the roof type and roofing of the monument with consideration for the construction, insulation, drainage, connection and watertightness. With Solatube daylight systems, the requirements of daylight entry can easily be met without too many modifications to the monument.

Dynamic and natural
Solatube can be applied to almost any roof type and in many cases no modifications or reinforcements to the existing, historic construction are required. These changes are often prohibited by law, as is any aesthetic change to the appearance of the building. Without prejudice to the building, Solatube creates dynamic and natural light within the space. The advantage of Solatube daylight systems is the ability to provide lots of daylight through a relatively small diameter roof penetration. The low profile roof collector option minimizes the aesthetic impact to the appearance of the building.

Low profile dome
In addition to the well-known round dome from Solatube, designed to capture daylight, there is also a low profile dome available for pitched roofs. Daylight is transported through the tube in the same way, the only difference is the visible product appearance on the roof. Perfect for monumental buildings! The low profile daylight collector is available for the Solatube Ø 35 cm.

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