Brick manufacturer Daas

Brick manufacturer Daas offers architects a source of inspiration. Any creative solution is possible with the extensive range of bricks available. By continuously listening to questions from the market, the identified needs are continually translated into new products. In order to clearly show the range to customers, the Daas building has been expanded with a showroom.


The company is a leader in high-quality sustainable construction, which is why sustainable products were a requirement in the new building. Extensive use has been made of daylight to bring out the natural colours of the bricks. The architect Kees Marcelis has equipped the showroom with four large windows. There are two ponds in front of the windows in the middle of the building. The reflecting water reflects the daylight inward. This gives a nice effect due to the reflection on the ceiling. However, the windows were not sufficient to illuminate the long brick sample covered walls with natural daylight.


18 Solatubes including lighting fixtures were installed on both sides of the extension. The big advantage of this is that the Solatube® daylight system does not let in heat. In addition, the kitchen and toilets are equipped with Solatubes. The electrical lighting never needs to be switched on during the day, which provides sufficient energy savings. Six Solatubes have been installed with integral daylight dimmers which allow the building occupier to regulate the amount of daylight desired such as  during a presentation.

Customer speaks

The colour rendition of the brick faces comes into its own with all the daylight. After four o'clock we no longer have any appointments in the showroom, because the daylight decreases. In addition, the environment feels very pleasant. ”

A. van Zadelhoff
Commercial Director

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