Daylight brings health and safety to the zoo

Lack of daylight is harmful to animals

Daylight determines the biorhythm of animals, therefore insufficient daylight in animal houses can have a detrimental effect on the health of the animals. In dark areas, animals feel can feel depressed and have less energy. Fortunately new indoor enclosures in zoos have to meet strict daylight requirements to provide a healthy indoor climate for the animals.

Daylight tube for every type of stay
Each animal species has its own habitat with different requirements in terms of daylight entry and temperature control. A daylight tube from Solatube diffuses the complete spectrum of light into the living space which is important as it prevents the animals from being dazzled by direct sunlight. In addition, Solatube daylight systems are thermally efficient which reduces heat loss within the enclosures of those animals that live in a heated environment and solar heat gain for the animals in enclosures that require cooler climate conditions.

Installation of a Solatube
Solatube tubular daylighting systems are easy to install and can typically be installed into any type of building or enclosure with no or very few alterations to the roof construction. Very simply, a dome mounted on the roof harvests the daylights which is then transported via a highly reflective tube into the desired space and diffused to provide a very natural lighting effect. For applications involving nocturnal animals a daylight dimmer can be integrated into the daylight system so that the light level can be controlled as required during the daylight hours.

Safe working environment, happy visitors
Daylight is a very important factor in creating a safe and healthy working environment. Daylight ensures good visability within the animal enclosures which in turn increases safety. The increased visability within the enslosures also ensures that visitors to the zoo get a better view of the animals.

The power of Solatube in animal shelters
- Large light output with relatively small diameter
- Excellent light quality and light coverage
- Excellent thermal insulation values
- Little to no modifications to construction
- Low maintenance
- Secure – burglar proof

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