Sky-high energy bill? Solatube® ECO keeps heat in and cold out

Gas prices continue to rise, causing many people to face sky-high energy bills. You will think twice before turning up the heating, but it can still be quite cold at this time of year. It is high time to take a critical look at the insulation of your home. The Solatube® ECO daylight system has excellent thermal and acoustic properties and is suitable for passive construction.

Excellent thermal properties
Due to the thermal insulation of Solatube® ECO, you keep the heat inside and your boiler does not have to heat as much. During cold days, the indoor temperature remains pleasant and constant. As the system brings daylight into your home, you also save on artificial lighting.

Solatube® ECO: the sustainable daylight solution
Solatube® ECO brings daylight to every conceivable place under the roof. The great thing is: the daylight system is designed in such a way that it keeps out solar heat and UV radiation. Solatube® ECO brings daylight into your home and at the same time you can enjoy a pleasant indoor temperature. During hot summer days, your air conditioning needs to cool less and that saves on your energy bill!

Also light at night? Supplement your Solatube® ECO with TechLED
When the sun goes down, TechLED takes over. You can easily supplement your Solatube® ECO with ultra-efficient LEDs that last on average about 50,000 hours. The TechLED switches on automatically when it gets dark. In this way, your rooms are also comfortably and sustainably lit at night.

The Solatube® ECO: the sustainable daylight solution of the moment:
1. Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation
2. Optional ultra-efficient LEDs for the evening
3. Suitable for passive building
4. Daylight system takes up little space on the roof. Handy to combine with solar panels or solar water heaters!

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